Know More About Raw Irish Moss – Wild Harvested

Our raw Irish Sea Moss is wild collected from the ocean and then naturally dried in the sun. Our bags comprise of Irish sea moss ranging in color from light brown to a translucent, clear hue based on the level of moisture present within the Irish sea moss. 

Because the Irish Sea Moss is wild harvested, it has naturally occurring salt, pieces from mesh (from the nets used for harvesting the moss), and sand, which must be removed by hand prior to packaging it. We suggest cleaning it by soaking it and then rinsing it several times to get rid of any remaining salt and sand, or even mesh. While the Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss 4oz contains salt after being rinsed and soaked, it is a light to taste, and it isn't salty at all.

Dry Irish Sea Moss should always be kept in a dark room, and it doesn't need to be stored in pouch bags as the salt itself acts as a natural preservative. Don't keep the dry moss in the fridge as it's too humid and the crystals of salt are not capable of protecting the moss. You can keep your moss for a whole year.

Soaked and hydrated Moss is best stored in the refrigerator. Make use of a clean glass jar or bowl, and replace the water each day. it should last up to two weeks however, it will lose some of its gelling properties.

Benefits Of Eating Dried Sea Moss

Sea moss, also known as Irish sea moss, is a red alga that has been shown to improve your skin and health. Experts say there are some notable benefits to sea moss, even though it doesn't have any scientific backing. However, other cultures have used it for centuries to improve their health.

Depending on whether you use sea moss as a food, or an ingredient or product, the benefits of sea moss will differ. Look for the best dried sea moss in the market according to your taste and health benefits.


Sea moss, when made into a gelatinous consistency and mixed with foods such as your morning smoothies, can soothe the digestive tract and respiratory tract. It doesn't taste much so it shouldn't be too flavorful. 

This could be because, just like okra and aloe, Irish moss can also be used as a mucilaginous food. Its mucus-like texture (sticky thick) can double up as a remedy for irritation . Sea moss can also dissolve in water so it can act as a soluble fibre.

Remember Soluble fibers dissolve in water to form a soft-gel which keeps you full and aids stool movement through the GI tract. Sea moss can also be a Prebiotic. This is a type of dietary fiber that is basically fertilizer for probiotics (healthy bacteria found in your gut). It supports digestion.

Sea moss has antimicrobial and antiinflammatory properties. This means that it can help with skin issues such as acne and aging skin. These potential benefits are great, but there isn’t much concrete evidence. There is no evidence to support the claims of sea moss' benefits. There is very little research available on this ingredient.