What Do Offsite HVAC Fabrications Entail?

If you have ever had to call in a professional to help with an issue with your heating and cooling system, then you know that repairs can be expensive. Offsite hvac fabrications are a way to avoid these costly repairs by creating a replacement part on site. Here is a brief overview of what off-site HVAC fabrications entails: 

  1. A customer calls in asking for help with their heating or cooling system. 

  2. Technicians from the company's engineering department visit the home and take measurements of the system. 

  3. Next, they create a 3D model of the system based on these measurements. 

  4. This model is used to create a replacement part for the home's heating or cooling system. 

  5. The part is then shipped to the customer's home and installed by a professional contractor. 

  6. The contractor's crew also conducts routine maintenance on the home to ensure that it is running at optimal performance levels. This process has become popular in recent years because homeowners like the idea of having a trusted name do all of their parts replacement and repair, without having to deal with the hassle or cost of dealing with an HVAC vendor. 

For example, I just had a customer called who wanted his AC filter changed out for his Lennox air conditioner. He would have been able to easily do this himself, but since he didn't know how to change filters, he was happy that we were able to perform this task for him. Not only does offsite fabrication save customers money by avoiding costly repairs, but it can be done quickly and efficiently .