Different Types Of Fraud That A Criminal Defense Lawyer Handles

Fraud can take many different forms, but they all involve deception or trickery with the intention of obtaining an advantage for the perpetrator. When you are charged with a fraud-related crime, it is important to know the different types so you can understand your legal options. To know more details, you can visit https://www.michaelwhiteesq.com/theft-fraud/.


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The most common type of fraud is called financial fraud. Financial fraud involves cheating people out of their money by using their personal information or stolen credit cards. It can also involve schemes to get people to invest in a fraudulent business or scheme or to buy fake goods or services.

Another common type of fraud is called identity theft. Identity theft involves stealing someone’s personal information, like their name and address, to commit other crimes. Thieves may also use this information to open new accounts in someone else’s name, or to get loans or other financial products in that person’s name.

The third type of fraud is called telemarketing fraud. Telemarketing fraud happens when scammers call people and try to sell them products they don’t need or want. They might also try to get people to sign up for expensive services they don’t need.

Whatever the type of fraud, it is important to know your rights and the legal process involved in getting justice for yourself.