Coffee Houses – Offering Excellent Coffee And Tea Drinks

Tea used to be the top drink of choice in the world, but today hundreds of stylish coffee bars with Western influences are popping up across the continent in major cities. Although tea is still loved and offered, legumes have proven to be big business, so much so that they rival teas that were once dominant on today's ubiquitous pick lists. 

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As the name suggests, this cafe focuses on serving coffee and tea, as well as soft drinks.

An espresso bar is a kind of cafe that focuses on coffee drinks made from espresso. The espresso bar is usually located around an elongated table with a high-grade espresso machine (typically a cupping machine, an automatic or semi-automatic pump machine, sometimes a manually operated lever and piston system) and a glass box of fully centred, savoury pastries like a sandwich.

In a typical Italian bar, consumers can order at the bar and drink their drink straight away. Otherwise, they are usually charged a higher price when they want to be seated and served

The offerings on classic espresso bars are usually heavily Italian inspired. However, classic cakes are not always exclusively Italian and the usual side dishes consist of muffins, muffins, croissants and even doughnuts. There is generally a wide variety of teas available. Iced drinks are also popular with iced tea, iced coffee and mixed drinks.