What Is Oxygen Therapy ?

For people who suffer from Hypoxemia i.e. low level of oxygen in the blood, Oxygen Therapy is the ideal treatment.

Oxygen therapy will help in improving oxygen dissemination within the body tissues in the regions in which the oxygen diffusion amount is low due to a wound or infirmity. If you’re looking for more information about oxygen therapy see here now.

oxygen therapy

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In case of breathing difficulty, the oxygen recommended for breathing problem therapy helps in enhancing the oxygen level in blood and push the additional functioning of the heart.

Hypoxemia, severe injury, respiratory distress, pulmonary hypertension, and chronic asthma and bronchitis are some of the common ailments treated through oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Helium-oxygen therapy can also be other oxygen treatments used. Oxygen treatment is generally prearranged at the homes, however, in the event of an emergency, the patient can be treated in the hospital too.

In homes, oxygen is provided in air-compressed cylinders or canisters where the patient inhales the oxygen through a mask or nasal cannula connected to the canister.

In the medical centers or hospitals, oxygen is provided at a patient's area using an outlet in the wall of the room. Oxygen is then passed from a central supply point via pipeline to each room, where a meter with a built-in valve is fitted to the wall of the outlet to read and regulate the circulation of oxygen within the room. 

Transtracheal oxygen treatment is widely utilized to provide oxygen to the patient. Transtracheal oxygen therapy involves a small flexible catheter slotted in the trachea by a tracheostomy tube.