Top Tips For Making Friends

There are occasions when we've all been the new kid on the block. It may have been the first day at a new school, job, a different neighborhood, or we may have been newly single, coping with a brand new way of life. You can also look at the guide for making friends in your 20s.

Sometimes others may have been in the same situation, struggling with their first day too. Other times it may have been a more solitary experience which we've had to deal with on our own.

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Whatever the situation let's look at some tips for making friends:

  • Support your confidence in making friends by being a good communicator and keeping up to date with the news, things that are happening in your area, even popular TV if that's of interest to the people you're mixing with. Being able to contribute helps you to feel more relaxed and able to be yourself, rather than standing self-consciously on the sidelines.
  • Ask questions of the people you meet and be genuinely interested in their reply. Remember what you've been told so that you build up a connection with these people for the future. It makes them feel interesting, valued and helps you to make friends.
  • Be friendly but don't try too hard. Accept that there are times when others may not want to be your friend right now; they may have a lot on their mind, be stressed, busy, dealing with their own stuff.

There is a saying that if you go halfway to meet someone they will usually be willing to meet you halfway too. Most people are prepared to be friendly and even if they don't become your new very best friend using some of these tips will enable you to establish a reasonable social life with people with whom you are friendly and comfortable.