Easy Bathroom Renovations in North Vancouver

 Here are  very simple renovation tips that can you do to your bathroom without having to enlist the help of your plumber and without having to splurge a lot on new bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Instead of splaying all your toiletries on the side of your tub, organize them in a toiletries organizer. There are those that look like mini baskets, which have small suction cups that can attach to the wall.

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Install a curved double shower curtain rod to replace your straight and boring existing curtain rod. This way, you can also hang your towels and other small hand-washable garments discreetly behind your shower curtains.

Replace your old toilet seat with a new one. Just unbolt your old toilet seat and then replace it with a new one. Toilet seats are inexpensive, and they can quickly give your toilet a surprising new look.

Replace your showerhead with a new one. You can buy multi-spray type showerheads that help you save more than a thousand gallons of water, aside from giving your shower a brand new look. Just unscrew your old showerhead and remove the old plumber’s tape attached. Replace it with a new plumber’s tape and install the new showerhead.

Re-caulk your sink or tub. The caulk in your sink or tub will eventually get discolored due to dirt and mildew. They change in color no matter how often you clean your bathroom. Scrape off the old caulk, and then wash and dry the area. After that, apply the new caulk by angling the caulk tube at 45 degrees and allow it to set.