Storefront Software – The Flexibility of Configuration

Storefront software is a specialist software designed for the fenestration industry that empowers users with the ability to design windows and doors from concept or to adjust existing designs, inputs, and manufacturing methods to alter the style and construction to meet changing demands.

Being a complete solution offering numerous modules specialist storefront software includes features such as pricing and quotation facilities, product configuration, resource and time management, along with advanced analytical capabilities to constantly measure and evaluate the performance of the business and the quality of the products that it produces.

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It is paramount that the storefront software is able to grow with the business and react to trends in the environment. History has shown that businesses that rest on their laurels become outdated and uncompetitive. In today’s competitive and global economic environment, the ability to meet the consumer in respect to their specific requirements is a growing trend toward customization. The fenestration industry itself is under the influence of key factors driving the future direction of doors and windows manufacturing.

According to Christina Lewellen, a leading specialist in the fenestration industry, key trends are shaping the future of the construction of doors and windows. One of the key drivers of change was identified as energy efficiency.