Swimming Pool Covers: Essential For The Entire Season

While most people put down their swimming pool covers during the summer and remove them again in the spring, some will leave them up all year. The key to a healthy swimming pool is keeping it covered when not in use and circulating fresh water through it. While you can also invest in a cover that comes with a pump, you can save money by covering your pool yourself with a DIY Cover.

Why you should leave your pool open, even in the winter

In the winter, it may be tempting to close your pool and enjoy the cold outdoors. But before you do, make sure to leave your pool open! Here are four reasons why:

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1. You'll Save Money on Pool Maintenance. Closing your pool during the winter can lead to expensive pool repairs or replacements down the road. Leave your pool open and take advantage of the savings on regular maintenance.

2. You'll Enjoy a Clean Pool All Year Round. Closing your pool during the winter can cause dirt, leaves, and other debris to accumulate in the water. This will make it difficult to keep your pool clean all year round – especially if the weather is snowy and icy outside. Leave your pool open and avoid this hassle altogether.

3. You'll Stay Safe When Swimming in Cold Weather. Keeping your pool open during the winter can help you stay safe when swimming in cold weather. Frozen pipes can break and release dangerous chemicals into the water, which can harm you and your family. Leave your pool open and stay safe this winter.