What Makes A Cigar Great Thing

Cigars have become as renowned as wine tasting. Cigar clubs are set up at a fast pace. An increasing number of restaurants boast menus of cigars. 

There are a variety of kinds of cigars, but each cigar consists of two main elements which produce its smoking and flavor characteristics. First is the cigar wrapper. Another is the cigar's style.

Wrappers the cigar wrappers are often categorized by their particular color. Candela — also called the American Market Choice, is a somewhat neater and exceptionally light in color. 

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Claro — light tan or yellowish in color

Colorado Claro — light brown, also Called English Market Selection, Colorado Reddish brown

Maduro –– brown to almost black (also Called Spanish Market Selection)

Oscuro — black and also often have an oily look

Cigar Designs: Cigars are usually categorized by their form and dimensions, which collectively are known as vitola. The most typical type of the cigar is your parejo, that contains a cylindrical body and a round cap. The parejos include the upcoming vitolas.

Robusto also Called Rothschild

  • Panatela
  • Petit Corona
  • Corona

Another sort of cigar predicated on its form is known as figurados. Figurados are irregularly-shaped cigars which are sometimes considered of high quality since they are harder to create. Figurados include the following:

  • Pyramide — it's somewhat like a parejo except that the cap is pointed out.
  • Perfecto — includes a bulky mid and slim at both ends.