Things To Know About The King James Version Bible

It seems like it sounds, the King James Version of the Bible can sometimes be an argumentative subject. Some people argue that it is the best and most accurate biblical version written in English. 

These people feel that other versions of the Bible, especially more modern such as the new international version, just do not describe the Word of God as accurately as the King James version. You can read the amazing bible timeline online at

While others hold the opposite view. Of course, the biblical version you read is a personal choice. Before you decide whether the KJV Bible is right for you, here is some information about translations.

Brief History of KJV Bible Version

The King James version finally produced results in 1611, after seven years translated from Greek and Hebrew. This task was taken by at least forty-seven members of the British Church who was also a scholar. 

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They were given instructions and were greatly influenced by King James himself. One of the known traits of the Bible is that it was made to reflect the episcopal structure of the British Church and their beliefs regarding ordained pastors. 

Not long after being published, the KJV Bible has been widely received by different church denominations. This is also known as the official version of the Bible or generally as the Sacred Bible.

Still The Preferred Version

Although the new international version of catching up, KJV Bible is still the most popular biblical version. Many different denominations use the King James version, which is quite unique. However, only because it still in the first place does not mean that it is the best choice for you. There are also some shortcomings to KJV.