The Most Popular Methods for Treating Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are veins that are swollen and located in the lower region of the rectum, also known as the anus. They can be extremely painful and may cause bleeding when bowel movements occur.

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Hemorrhoids can be caused by these factors:

1. Straining during bowel movements

2. Constipation

3. Sitting for a long time

4. Anal infections

5. A diagnosis of liver diseases or chronic cirrhosis. Like any other illness, hemorrhoids are treatable.

There are many over-the-counter remedies for hemorrhoids. Additionally, there are natural solutions to treat hemorrhoid issues. For non-prescription hemorrhoid treatment try corticosteroid creams. These creams are able to ease discomfort and decrease swelling. 

Creams that contain lidocaine are recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is suggested to start with the lightest of creams that are available, as in this situation you'll know the skin's reaction to the treatment as well as the extent to which your skin will take the cream. 

This could be a significant issue with this treatment for hemorrhoids. Make sure to choose creams with the ability to protect, and preferably contain anesthetic as well as a vasoconstrictor hemorrhoid cream.

Apart from creams, ointments that aid in hemorrhoid treatment can be purchased on the market like ointments containing Nitroglycerine as their primary active ingredient. Another approach to hemorrhoid treatment is using natural treatments.