The Lifespan Of The Coronavirus On Carpets?

Usually, the age of the virus depends on certain factors, such as: humidity, temperature and the porosity of the surface on which it is located. Viruses are usually spread through sneezing, coughing and physical contact.

However, research shows that the virus remains infectious twice as much on non-porous surfaces, including metals, plastics and more. On the other hand, materials such as carpets and upholstery have pores, which means that they are less virus-friendly than non-porous surfaces.

The coronavirus is believed to be transmitted by airborne droplets and can exist on any type of surface for days. Can stay on surfaces such as door handles, tables for up to 3 days or even longer. This highlights the importance of being careful and preventing it from spreading. To make sure that your carpets are virus-free, you need to hire residential carpet cleaning via for your carpets.

Caring for carpets and upholstery can help fix stains, but it is not very effective against viruses. So it is best to contact your carpet cleaning service provider to make sure your carpets are as clean and safe as possible.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services involve the use of heat and humidity, so cleaning carpets and upholstery gives you much-needed security.

During such a testing period, it is better to ensure safety through routine cleaning. We recommend that you undergo regular professional treatment for your upholstery to ensure maximum care and protection.