Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by a variety of sources, including roof leaks, broken pipes, and frozen pipes. In addition to causing damage to property, water can also cause health hazards if it enters buildings through broken windows or flooding from storm drains. You can pop over here for more information about water damage repair.

To reduce the chances of water damage, be sure to keep your home properly maintained and inspect for potential problems. Also, avoid overloading your plumbing systems by using too much water at once or using poorly maintained appliances. Finally, never try to clean up water damage on your own; call a professional.

Signs of Water Damage

If you think your house is just a bit damp, there may be more going on than you think. Water can cause structural damage to your home, and depending on the severity, it can also lead to costly repair bills. Here are some signs of water damage and what to do if you find them: 

  • Water is seeping through the floor or walls.

  • Your ceilings or walls have started to sag.

  • You see mold or fungus growing in areas of high moisture.

  • You smell water or sewage.

  • Furniture is wet or has been warped by the moisture.

  • Your electrical boxes or appliances are wet.