Fix This Intelligent Visual Comfort Lighting In Your Home


Lights play an essential role in your home. They create an ambiance and can add drama and create moods to an otherwise normal plain environment. The automatic home system makes it possible for intelligent lighting controls to go that extra mile to blend in with your lifestyle and give you Visual Comfort. Smart lighting goes beyond wireless home lighting controls using your Smartphone. It requires other household devices, including motion sensors, light sensors, and timers, to work in sync with your home lighting control.

Below are some common scenarios of how intelligent lighting provides homeowners more than just the facility to remotely switch on and off their lights using their Smartphones.

Improve Safety & Security

Smart lighting can give the impression that your home is occupied even if you are away at work or enjoying your holidays. It is possible by scheduling your outdoor or living room lights to switch on as soon as the motion detectors sense movement. So, whenever movement is detected around your home, lights will automatically come on and mimic the presence of somebody at home. It is how automated lighting can help add to your remote home monitoring system.

Save Energy

Intelligent home lighting control can reduce your energy usage considerably. As well as allowing you to control all types of lights using your Smartphone app remotely, you can schedule them to switch on or dim at certain times of the day using timers and dimmers. You can also sync the photosensors and lights to work in cyle so that the lights come on whenever sensors detect low light. It ensures none of the lights are accidentally left on and that the electricity is ideally used, thereby reducing your utility bills.

Return to a Well-Lit Home

Another scenario where intelligent lighting helps is when we return home from work. We all like to enter a well-lit home after a hard day’s work. You can schedule your living room lights to turn on as soon as the magnetic door sensor is activated when the front door is opened. It means you will no longer have to unlock your main door and hunt for the light switch panel.

Control Ambience

Intelligent lighting control helps you create the ambiance you desire by illuminating or dimming a collection of lights. For instance, with a single tap on your phone, you can switch all the indoor lights off and dull all the garden lights for a perfect campfire evening with your friends. You can also dim and change the color of your living room LEDs to have a faint blue hue to enjoy an evening watching a movie with friends.

Nowadays, lighting control manufacturers are developing wireless lighting control systems using new technologies and also giving Visual Comfort to the people. If you incorporate this in your home, check on its usability, functionality, and reliability while making sure the partner you choose can adapt and keep up with the latest technologies and will indeed blend with your lifestyle.