Flying Your First Dual Line Stunt Kite

You’ve purchased your very first twin line stunt kite, but what can you do to take it off the ground and in flight? Hope that after you’ve read a few tips from this article, you’ll be able to achieve success using the “first on the ground” stunt kite. Besides this, you can perform various stunts with the kites.

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After the kite has been constructed correctly it is crucial to ensure that the lines are of equal length and approximately 75-100 feet long. When the lines are small, the kite will travel at an excessive velocity, however, when the lines are excessively long, it could be more difficult to control.

If you are taking your first flight it’s best to get help from someone. Your flight assistant could take your kite by the back and secure it with the center and base struts. Once this is completed it is recommended to get away from one another to keep the lines from touching the ground and to create some tension between the lines. If the wind is strong enough your assistant just needs to stand back and release. If the wind isn’t quite the speed you require to achieve, you can ask your assistant to offer the kite a small push to lift it and start it up.

Many have compared dual-line stunt kites flying to riding a bicycle. At times, when we try to ride a bike and go then we fall or fall off the bike. This can occur with your kite’s first stunt flight. The good news is that today’s stunt kits are very sturdy and are able to endure multiple crashes. It’s all you have to do is be able to get up, back on your bike, and then try again.