Quartz Counter Tops Are Engineered For The Kitchen

Quartz countertops designed for kitchen countertops are even in colors, textures, and patterns. The great advantage of quartz countertops for kitchen is that they have almost all of the positive properties of natural stone, and they are also available to provide long life and rich appearance quartz kitchen worktops at affordable prices in London.

The quartz countertop is man-made. Raw quartz crystals, one of the hardest substances available, are used in the manufacture of quartz into plates or tables. After the quartz is selected and ground, the crystals are combined with the resin, binder, and paint. All of this is heated and compacted to create a waterproof surface. 

Quartz worktops must be made up of at least 93% quartz, they cannot claim the durability, water resistance, or hardness of the real quartz surface. The final product is non-porous, has high durability, and is more than twice as strong as granite.

Technical quartz surfaces are available in a variety of colors that cannot be found naturally because the crushed stone is usually combined with paint. You should take advantage of this flexibility in your kitchen design when considering quartz countertops so they dazzle the eye and still look like stone. 

Like natural stone, the quartz countertop edge profiles on the worktop can vary from simple bevel to ogee and bull. Installing quartz countertops is not a self-made project. You need a skilled professional to get the job done.