How the Solar Pool Cover Works?

A solar cover is an effective and economical way to protect pools from losing evaporation heat while ensuring debris and vegetation are kept away from water.

Because swimming pools have a large water surface area, they lose heat energy at very fast speeds. It has even been shown that, by closing a pool heated with a solar blanket when not in use, it is possible to reduce heating costs by more than 60%.

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Electric Pool Covers

This is a big saving and one can pay the full cost of the sun cover several times in one swimming season. Solar blankets (sometimes called blankets) are designed to optimize water temperature control and can be considered a "passive" form of solar heating.

These blankets work by preventing evaporation which in turn results in higher heat energy retention in the pool water volume. The solar blanket can also raise the water temperature by around 15 degrees on a sunny day.

This is achieved because the lid not only holds the heat stored in the water but also transmits sunlight energy to the pool to increase the temperature above the surrounding temperature. which is taking sunlight and distributing it back to water as heat.

Most pool covers are made of high-grade polyethylene (e.g. 400 or 500 microns) which includes UV protection inhibitors. As a general guide, the more expensive the cover, the higher the thermal performance and the greater the savings in energy produced.