Signs of Poor Attic Insulation


These are some of the most common signs of poor attic insulation.

  1. Water Leaks – Entry of water happens when there is improper insulation which can become worse leading to leakage issues. The interior walls and ceiling start to get damaged as soon as water starts to enter leading to additional water damage.
  2. Ice Damming – During the time of continuous melting and freezing of water, it leads to the formation of ice dams. Ice damming is known to be one of the common signs of poor insulation. Moreover, it causes blocking of water and snow.
  3. Pest Problems – Finding bugs and mice indicates the insulation is poor or has a problem. Moreover, there are times one may find holes due to the presence of bugs. Therefore, in order to get rid of this problem it is best to increase the volume of the attic insulation.
  4. Moisture and Mold in the Attic – The growth of fungi and mold starts to take place due to the presence of moisture. For optimal performance of the attic insulation, try to get rid of dampness or mildew present in the attic.
  5. Overdrive of Heater and AC – Your heater and AC do not need to be over-used if the temperature of your house remains balanced. This is possible if the insulation is done correctly.
  6. Inconsistent Temperature – Bad insulation also leads to improper balance in the temperature of your house. For instance; there are times when one of your rooms experiences hot and cold temperature constantly changing after a while.

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