Steps to Help Your Refrigerator Live Longer

Every summer there are many refrigerators that turn off unexpectedly. This is often the result of an associated increase in temperature and humidity. People nowadays can get commercial refrigeration door seals via

Fixing a Refrigerator Door Seal - iFixit Repair Guide

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Here are some tips to help your device deal with the upcoming summer heatwave:-

1. Do not use it as an air conditioner. You can laugh, but this is very common with older people. They often leave the refrigerator door open in hopes of cooling the room down. Or they can stand in front of the refrigerator and try to cool off. The chair in front of the refrigerator is a sure sign.

2. Do not overload the defrost system. Keep the water or juice container closed. The open liquid container increases the amount of moisture stored in the cooling coil. This means that the compressor works longer. An operating time of 16 hours per day is normal for refrigerators. The extra moisture can easily increase that to 20 hours a day.

3. The door is bent. When the refrigerator door is closed, it must be sealed throughout its length. If it is sealed at one point but not at another, the door itself can be interrupted by the alignment. This should be fixed by the service company. Try to close the door tightly until you get there. This will often force you to temporarily readjust the door.

4. Don't be burdensome. A standard refrigerator can hold about 50 pounds of new groceries a day. If you overload food, it is unlikely that the food will cool down properly. For example: why put a box of warm soda in the fridge on a hot day? Add only what is necessary for the day. Add an extra drink before bed. The refrigerator has all night to cool it down.