Rabbit Hutch Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Once you have purchased your rabbit's hutch, the first thing you need to remember is that this is my home for my pets'. Like your house, it will require regular maintenance and clean-up to keep it safe and secure. You can also look online for the best indoor rabbit hutch.

Large Rabbit Hutch - Natural Wood Design - Fox Resistant

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However, your pet isn't able to take care of its home maintenance or cleaning and isn't able to "dial-a repair" also. It's completely dependent on your efforts to ensure that the hutch remains in good order.

The tips below can help you ensure greater protection and overall health for your pet's rabbit(s) and will save you money by extending the life of your hutch.

1. Make sure your Hutch is protected from Day One.

Rabbit hutches made of wood are mostly constructed of biodegradable and organic materials that require periodic maintenance to ensure their longevity. 

When the hutch is placed in the front of your house, as well before the time you can put in your new rabbits, you need to immediately apply a protective coating to the wood to make it waterproof. It is then that you should move it outdoors. If you purchase a hutch, make sure to check whether it comes with any kind of waterproofing.