Multiple Domain Hosting – The New Solution To Cut Costs

Multi-domain hosting is the new wave of cost-cutting measures from today's web hosts and webmasters. This is due to a new growing concern of many webmasters who are struggling to cut costs of working with web hosts that run more than one website. In fact, this is quite common with many shared web hosting solutions, including problems that arose from yesterday's solution for hosting multiple websites.

One of the main alternatives these webmasters look for is hosting multiple domains and using a single account to host multiple websites under their own domain names. This is very different from the old system where multiple accounts were managed by one webmaster. With this in mind, the solution to hosting multiple domains is actually quite simple that is ultra-fast, affordable, reliable, and secure web hosting services and there are many ways to go about it. 

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One of the easier ways to do this is to redirect all of the account's directories and subdirectories to a single root domain. With this method, you can simply create a subdirectory of the primary domain. Then all new domains are set to actually point to a specific subdirectory.

If you have a website with multiple domains at the primary address, you might also consider multiple web hosting plans. There are other methods too, and one of them is true multi-domain hosting. This means you get domains and subdirectories, but you get separate ways to manage each domain via the GUI and panels. This has the advantage that the customization of each domain is very flexible, but of course, this method is much more intensive and time-consuming.