The Right Way to Use an Affiliate Marketing Platform

When you set out to create an incentive marketing campaign, you have a number of different options. However, you should choose one campaign concept that suits your company best. This concept should include at least three elements such as an incentive for your customers to join, a tool to measure the results of this incentive, and a way for your customers to know when they are getting a good deal.

Here are some things you might want to consider:

What is your goal? Your goal could be to increase the amount of traffic that you receive to your website. If you plan to use the free traffic or sales funnel to market your goods or services directly, you will want one. An icky incentive marketing offer would include offering a gift card to someone who makes a purchase, which provides them with the ability to buy later.

How do you measure your results? This measure can be done in a number of ways. One way is with the sales letters. If you know how many sales were generated by each incentive offer, you can measure the number of sales letters that you need to distribute to get additional sales. A successful incentive marketing company is one that can handle multiple measures in one place.

Do you want to focus on one aspect of your business? Some companies find that the prices alone are not strong enough incentives. In order to make this type of campaign pay off, the pricing should be coupled with other incentives. An effective incentive marketing platform should offer a variety of different pricing options that work together to create a consistent, strong incentive.

What type of customer behavior trigger does your incentive marketing platform to bring in? The most successful campaigns feature incentive technology that includes a collection of offers that work in unison. When customers are presented with just a few of these offers, they are more likely to purchase than when presented with all of the offers at once. Certain trigger behaviors are more effective than others.

Is there a way to make purchases in exchange for leaving reviews for your products? A popular incentive marketing platform is one that offers customers in exchange for leaving reviews for your products. This works best when customers are offered a free product or gift card as a way to get their reviews out into the world. Some products are much easier to package as gifts than other products, so this is a great way to get free exposure and get your company name in front of a big list of potential customers.

How does your incentive marketing offer work? As mentioned above, different incentives can be bundled in your offer based on different behavior triggers. If you are using an online system for your incentivized marketing offers, you will want to use an autoresponder so that you can capture the names and addresses of potential customers.

Why are your incentive marketing offers a part of your online network marketing funnel? Because it allows you to extend your offerings into the internet world. When you add more services like video production, hosting, customer service, analytics, etc., your business will grow exponentially. By adding more services to your online network, you will see more money coming in. As you grow, the more money that comes in. Your online funnel is designed to grow as you do, which is exactly how the incentive marketing program works.

You may find that your webinar needs a little something extra. If that is the case, add incentive marketing offers to your webinar offerings. This can include an eBook, video training series, or even an audio recording of the webinar. If the webinar recording doesn't work, consider recording the webinar yourself. The bonus doesn't have to be a tangible product. In fact, you may find that you don't need anything tangible at all when it comes to this kind of promotion.

An affiliate marketing platform is not an easy walk in the park. It's not going to automatically bring you massive profits. However, if you come across a good affiliate marketing platform, you can significantly boost your business with minimal effort. Affiliate marketing platforms give you the tools and resources to manage your affiliate business, and if done correctly, you can start making money with very little work.

It can be tempting to dive right in and create a web site with affiliate marketing tools yourself. After all, what could be more exciting? But you should take a careful look at what affiliate marketing platforms are out there before choosing one. Look for tools that help you manage your affiliate marketing business, not just give you a slick site.