Popular Tools that are Used for Demolition of Structure

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Structure demolition is not a straight-forward process. It is a process that involves danger but also complicated at the same time. Although majority of the demolition work is carried out by heavy machines, a lot of work still remains which cannot be done by these machines. For work that cannot be done by heavy machines, special tools are required. If you’re wondering what those tools are, here are a few you should be aware of.

  1. The Pry Bars – There are 2 types of pry bars namely S-shaped and flat pry bar. In order to pull the framing wood of the interior with ease, the S-shaped pry bar is used. On the other hand, the flat pry bar is the one which is used to get into tighter spots.
  2. San Angelo Bar – Compared to the Pry Bars, the San Angelo Bars are different. This bar comes in the shape of a spear which is also heavier. Stiff floor tiles are removed with ease with the help of this bar since this bar weighs in the region of 8kgs. Also, the San Angelo Bar stands at 185cms in terms of height.
  3. Screwdrivers – Delicate work is involved even after the structure is demolished. No doubt sledge hammers play a huge role for majority of the work however, this tool isn’t enough for the entire work. Using the sledge hammer can cause trouble due to the presence of water lines, cables, gas lines which are delicate items and can easily get damaged by the use of sledge hammers. Therefore, screwdrivers are used in place of sledge hammers.

Companies offering demolition services in Newcastle region use these tools.