All About BBQ Smoker Barbecue

While electric, coal, and gas smokers provide heat, some believe that wood smokes barbecue better than any other. Hot smoke is thought to enhance the flavor of meat by using fruit tree woods such as cherry, plum, and alder. Barbecue enthusiasts build fire pit grills to create that authentic homemade bbq taste.

Gas and electric smokers have the advantage of producing uniform heat, while coal is more expensive. Many smoker grills are equipped with special charbroil grill racks and heat-proof stainless-steel bases and covers. They also have a pro digital operation and a variety of accessories that maximize the enjoyment of barbecue smokers. If you want to have a GMG pellet barbeque, then you can browse the web.


Smoking meat involves slow-cooking it with indirect heat. This is done by using oxygen-deprived wood or coal-burning in a closed cylindrical to make smoke, not fire. The hot smoke is then directed to a larger, closed cylinder. It becomes a cloud and slow-cooks the meat before being emitted immediately. This produces tender, delicious barbeque made from chicken, beef, turkey, and fish.

The most popular barbecue smoker barbecue is Texas Style, Southern Comfort, and Memphis Style. Barbeque smokers can be either an offset barrel smoker, UDS (upright drummer smoker), a smokebox, a vertical water smoker, or another modern type such as the multi-rack refrigerator smoker.