Feng Shui Money Frogs

In Chinese culture, a toad also symbolizes immortality. Money plays an important role in our lives, so it is worth learning how to use this amulet to attract wealth.

The feng shui toad has three legs. Usually, it will hold 1 or 3 coins in its mouth, which is a Chinese symbol of wealth. Sometimes the creature will have no coins in its mouth, but it will have a slit in it where you can insert a coin. These small money frogs can even be made from a banknote with your own two hands.

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The toads can be purchased in feng shui talisman stores. These symbols are sold in an array of colors and materials. When choosing a talisman for yourself, keep in mind that the more the frog looks like a real one the better.

As we mentioned above, the most important point is to make sure that it has three legs instead of two or four. The best symbol is the one made of yellow shiny metal that resembles gold, or that is indeed gold.

How to place this money symbol properly? This amulet can be placed in one of a few places in your home. One good location is the living room. In the living room, put it in the left corner diagonally to the door. This is the so-called "power corner".

It can also be put near the front door creating the impression that it's jumping into your home. It can also be placed in a fountain with moving water in your favorite sector, which will also increase your money luck. The main point is to place the money frogs facing the inside of the house, and not the other way around.