Are Your Children Getting Enough Vitamins?

Most medical professionals agree that children do not need to take vitamins if they eat a proper diet. But many there are many children who eat less and parents worry that their children do not get enough vitamin.

If children eat enough they grow well, it's not important that they get a variety of nutrients and vitamins, at every meal. You can check out various online stores to get ‘Swedish Nutra children vitamins’ (also known as ‘Swedish Nutra laste vitamiinid’ in Estonian Language).

While a balanced diet is ideal for providing all the necessary vitamins, most pediatricians say that as long as the child gets an adequate variety of food within a period of one week, they might get the vitamins they need.

However, there are cases in which vitamin supplement may be needed for children. Children on a vegetarian diet, which does not eat dairy products, or who do not drink milk may need vitamin supplements. Children who stay at home and do not get any exposure to the sun may need additional vitamin D.

Infant formulas typically contain all the necessary vitamins, but for babies who are breast-fed, the pediatrician may recommend vitamin drops that contains vitamins A, C, and D, and newborns are usually given vitamin K in the first week of their lives through the intestinal tract they develop the ability to produce it.

Do not assume that a multivitamin is a solution to your child's needs for vitamins. Many multivitamins do not contain the recommended daily allowance of each vitamin.