Preparing Your Dog To Meet Your Baby

Presenting the family dog to a newborn baby takes time and careful planning. So far, your dog has had your only attention. 

It is only natural to feel jealousy with the arrival of your newborn. That's why it's important to prepare your dog for the arrival of your newborn. You can even check here some beds for your dog’s comfort.

If you have trained your dog, in other areas, it will be much easier to introduce it to your baby. He will already see you as the leader of the family and be prepared to take signals on your part on how he should behave. 

If you feel that you have been lax to train your dog, it would be a good idea to create a training program before your baby arrives.

Part of your training program should acclimatize your dog to the changes that will take place in your home. 

One way you can do it is to invite friends to visit who have babies and young children. In this way, you can help your dog get used to the attention paid to a baby and young children.

Take the time before your baby can not familiarize your dog with the new smells of a baby. This is important because odors are a major factor in the way your dog is investigating his world.

There will be many new smells with the arrival of your baby, furniture, and other baby items. Take the time to present your dog to the baby's room. 

Allow your dog to explore the smells of new furniture, clothes, baby powder, and lotion. As your dog becomes used to these odors, it helps him to accept your new baby because it will feel familiar. In this way, you help your dog understand that your baby will be part of the family.