Installing Or Upgrading an Audio Video System in Your Home

Particular care is required when integrating audio-video systems into homes. There are many considerations to consider before deciding what type of system is right for you and your family. With today's manufacturers offering standard and marine 12 volt systems, adding internal/external audio has never been easier. 

First, we need to talk about your options and what you want from your system. Video is one of the key components of a good home system considering how much time is spent in your home(bad weather, cooking, kids entertainment, etc).  Commercial audio video installation companies will help you to install these systems.

With the ability to get both audio and video signals, you can have one central media player and display its content in multiple areas. In other words, you can watch movies on all TVs or watch different shows on each TV independently. So kids can play games or watch shows in their rooms, and you can listen to music or watch movies in the living room and even finish in your bedroom. 

With the advent of marine flat-screen televisions, it is even possible to have video outside under your hood. There are many choices for the video sources, most trailer parks offer cable TV. Satellite TV is another good option and can be placed, or a mobile antenna system can be installed on the terrace of your home. 

You can also use a digital antenna to receive free broadcasts whenever possible. Typical sources are DVD/CD or Blu-ray players. For your choice, keep in mind that you can play all kinds of audio and video on Blu-ray, but you cannot play Blu-ray on DVD/CD player.