Sofa Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Clean

If you've decided to wash your sofa, you might think that completing the task quickly will save time and get your sofa ready for people who wish to sit on it. 

However, that's not the case since every material and sofa is unique and will require more effort to clean your sofa in a proper manner and without negative consequences. This means that to clean your sofa correctly, you are able to identify the fabric or material the sofa is made of and then tackle the cleaning of your sofa yourself. You can search online for “sofa cleaning near me ” or visit

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If you want to make the project yourself and do it yourself, the firm that created the sofa will put the stickers on your sofa's cushions. Of course, there is no rule that all manufacturers must comply with, and it is not required that your sofa has stickers. 

For example, If it has a sticker, it will be a set of codes that identify particular washing methods and are in the form of letters. In general, there are four types of codes:

W – Water or wet. That means water may be applied

S – Solvents. Dry Cleaning is recommended without water.

S/W – Dry Foam. However, it is not recommended for dry cleaning.

X – Vacuum Cleaning Only.

If there's no cleaning service code in place, it is recommended to opt for professional sofa cleaning services and inform them what you'd like cleaning to be carried out.