Five Recent Movies That Will Become Cult Films

A cult film is one that builds a large loyal fan base over a period of time. You don't usually hear a lot of pleasantries about them the year they were released, but many of these one-of-a-kind little films are slowly gaining momentum while having very large and loyal supporters prepare them for cult status. Read the full info here about five of the most recent films that fell into that category and ended up becoming cult classics. 

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Middle of summer

This is the second film by new director Ari Astar and a sequel to the debut film Hereditary. Although the original was quite successful, this second film appears to be a cult classic mainly because of its unique content. 

The man who killed Hitler and then Big Foot

Veteran actor Sam Elliott played the role of an unknown American hero in World War II. Adolf Hitler was assassinated. After he retires, his killing skills will be needed again to spawn an even more deadly target, the legendary Bigfoot.

Under the silver lake

This is a kind of mystery thriller with comic book elements in which Andrew Garfield, as a young man without prospects, is looking for a girl he has met. While looking for this girl, he finds a deadly conspiracy and at that point, all cute and mysterious elements come into play.

The boy Who will become king

You might think we don't really need to tell another legend about King Arthur, but it's for a younger audience and tells the story of a young man who discovered the mystical sword Excalibur. 

Boom boom

Matthew McConaughey played the role of Moondog in the goofy comedy directed by Harmony Korine. Moondog is a carefree man who lives in his own way and is not far from the audience as the plot is ubiquitous and follows Moondog's diverse lifestyle.