Top Online Puzzles and Games Websites for Mental Wellbeing

Scientists at the University of California's Berkeley campus have recently concluded that there is a direct link between the regular mental exercise of things like puzzles and mental well being, much like the link with physical exercise and physical health.

They looked at 65 healthy elderly people, whose average age was 76, and found that those who kept mentally active with reading or puzzles tended to lower amounts of a destructive protein linked to Alzheimer's disease, than those who were less mentally active.

There are so many best puzzle games for android to twist your mind.

The Fun & Joy of playing online puzzle games

If you like to keep mentally active there are loads of websites these days dedicated to online puzzles and games that actively promote mental wellbeing. Typically they are short, fun puzzles and games that can be played anywhere and anytime you have a few spare minutes.


With more than 14 million subscribers and growing, Lumosity is fast becoming a leader in this field. This is a puzzle online game site that offers brain fitness programs both entertaining and challenging. They focus on the following cognitive areas: Free; Storage; attention; Problem Solving and flexibility.

You can select particular mental attributes and focus on it, or simply just go to general practice to all fields. It really is a gym for the mind. There are several free sample puzzles, but to get the full benefits you will have to take out a subscription for a small fee.


Brain Fit is, again the idea of private research laboratories called Vivity. It follows the same pattern as Lumosity by subscribing no fee basis which can be upgraded to use all the features.

It offers training game puzzle and game sites online brain to improve memory, concentration, visual perception and word skills also. They offer detailed instructions and you also have the ability to select your skill level. On each page of Fit Brains, including a list of the benefits of living brain games provide specific and target the brain skills. There iPad and Android applications are offered as well.