Subaru WRX Performance Tips

The Subaru WRX intake system has room for improvement. Luckily, there are some possible upgrades that you can do yourself with a little mechanical skill, and some that require a quick trip to your local repair shop. You can also get more information about Subaru WRX exhaust systems online via

First, you should mention that the more you commit to each vehicle mod, the more likely it is to upgrade the ECU or "brain" of the engine. Some smaller screws, e.g. A Cat cold air intake or tailgate upgrade may not provide the exact results some are looking for, as with turbochargers, intercoolers, gain control, and more, you'll find that upgrading the ECU is fine. With that in mind, let the recording upgrade begin!

Installing a new air filter after the sale is one of the most important air intake upgrades that can be made on the Subaru WRX. The after-sales filter allows as much air as possible to flow through the material intake system. The K&N version makes some great aftermarket air filters. They are backed by a one-million-mile limited warranty and are completely washable and reusable. This is an added bonus as this will be the last filter you should buy.

For serious hobbyists, a significant performance boost requires more than just an air filter upgrade. A cold air intake system must be installed. Installing a cold air intake system on your Subaru WRX allows more air to be drawn out of the engine.