Sliding Door Track Repair in Orange County

When it comes to sliding door repairs, sliding door track repair is one of the most common. How many times have we called and asked, How do I fix my sliding door track?’ If we look at the repairs to sliding doors that need to be done, the thing that keeps the door upright and on track is the track itself.

Many people ignore clearing the track. So your first stop should be to clear the track just to see if it moves a little better. Unfortunately, many aluminum and glass sliding doors are so far gone that they actually have damaged the track. This is what you find when you can't move your door.

If it is nearly impossible to move, the track will be badly damaged and the rollers will most likely be damaged, cracked, or broken, and therefore will no longer be able to roll smoothly. This is where you will need a sliding door track replacement or repair depending on the problem. 

Most of the time you can diagnose the problem over the phone. After you tell them your brand of sliding door, whether it is a glass sliding door, aluminum door, or wooden sliding door, they can ask you some questions about the track and roller and door handle that qualifies what kind of door it is.

Then they can determine the weight of the door and the type of casters needed to maintain the door. Most often, the springs in the rollers are damaged or completely lost due to normal wear and tear, making the gate heavy. Once the rolls come out, they need to be replaced. The mechanic will repair every door by installing high-quality rollers that will withstand the weight of the door for years.