Short-Term Rentals: What to Know Before You Lease

Like all new ventures, you should do the proper research when looking for the best business to offer temporary accommodation.

There are a variety of businesses such as Comfyworkers that offer short-term accommodation. Being aware of the different kinds of the accommodation offered will be the initial step to picking the best one to meet your requirements. 

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There are hotels, corporate suites, with extended stay rates short-term furnished apartments houses for short-term rentals, apartment locators, as well as companies that specialize in temporary accommodation to meet your needs.

Here is a list of essential items to check out to ensure you identify the best firm for your specific requirements:

Customer Support: Does your business or service provider provide personal service to customers or are you treated as an unimportant number? If you're offered a few choices, chances are that you'll be treated as an individual and will end in a state of discontent. 

A good temporary housing expert will take note of your preferences and try to meet your needs.

Size: It is true that size is important. An average home is twice as big as an ordinary guest room, or an extended-stay unit. The majority of apartments have the option of a private balcony or patio with storage space as well. 

Extended stay businesses are based on volume and offer "cookie-cutter" units that are usually not big enough for comfortable living. The extra space can make a huge difference during a long stay far from home.

Cost: Corporate suites, as well as short-term rentals of apartments, are generally cheaper than hotels and usually equal to or less costly than hotels with extended stays.