Planning A Chinese Wedding Banquet

In Chinese culture, a luxurious wedding banquet is a symbol of luck and prosperity. The bride and groom will also prosper in their life together.

Food is a big factor in any marriage. Chinese banquet Catering consists of several courses. expensive materials are used, with an emphasis on seafood. Each dish is selected also has a symbolic meaning as well.

To help you gather the best Wedding, here are some points for when you’re planning Chinese wedding banquet  and Visitรับจัดโต๊ะจีน-chinese-food ( also known asวางแผนจัดเลี้ยงงานแต่งงานแบบจีนและเยี่ยมชม รับจัดโต๊ะจีน -chinese-food in the Thai language).


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  • Before you decide on a venue or catering, make sure you try their food. In this way, you already have an idea about the quality of the food and what kind of service they provide.
  • The menu should include eight courses, with nine courses for dessert. The number eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture and the word for the number nine sounds like ‘long lasting’.
  • Be sure to check the ingredients used for each dish to ensure that you will serve only the best for all your guests.
  • If the venue has an all-you-can-drink choice, it is better to choose this before and not on the day itself to avoid extra expenses your guests will love the drinks flowing freely.
  • In the end, Offer take-away cartons for your guests. When guests take food home, it shows that they enjoyed the food, and the praise for the couple and their family.

All These points provide some insight as to what to discuss with your caterer. Work together to make your Chinese wedding banquet a memorable one.