Not All Body Creams Have The Same Beneficial Effect

Many body creams refer to their wonderful fragrances. We might want to smell like apricots or honey and lemons but the fact that these body lotions make us smell good is irrelevant with regards to what we actually want from body lotion and creams.

Many manufacturers advertise that their products contain collagen and elastin. The fact that the strength and flexibility of the skin comes from its collagen and elastin content. Unfortunately the molecular size of these two ingredients is far too large to be able to penetrate the skin so they are useless as anti-wrinkle supplements.

Some of the worst body creams contain mineral oil. It is often called liquid paraffin or paraffin wax. This does not do anything for our skin, it is just a cheap ingredient that companies use. It lies on the surface blocking our pores and making our skin greasy and susceptible to acne. Some sites, like bangn body, have all-natural ingredients found in body creams.

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So what can we expect from body creams? If we are to believe the manufacturers we should expect everything including younger, plumper, smoother looking skin and flawless complexions making us irresistibly beautiful.

It actually is true that anything applied to our skin is eventually absorbed into our bodies as if we had eaten it. This is the main purpose of body lotion and creams for our skin. But also not to say that all skin creams have the same beneficial effect. There are dozens of skin creams out there that actually do you harm over time.

There are a few though that are worth every penny spent on them. Used regularly they have the ability to encourage our skin to produce more collagen and elastin, increase levels of hyaluronic acid and combat oxidation using anti-oxidants.