Keep Your Laptop Power Cable Safely

Your laptop's charger is the most vulnerable part. The laptop charger is more vulnerable than other parts because it will not display any signs of trouble until it stops working. 

The screen and keyboard will give you a subtle indication if the power supply is failing. The laptop adapter usually cuts out. You can also get various components from micron tech inc.

There is no way to guarantee that the laptop adapter will not be damaged. You can plan for the following:

* High temperature. The laptop power cable, like the battery, is susceptible to extreme temperatures. The laptop adaptor will heat up when it is being used. It is a normal part of the laptop's function. 

However, it should not get too hot. It should be kept in a cool, dry place so that heat can escape. Although it isn't as sensitive to temperature as batteries, it's still advisable not to leave a power cable in your car on hot days.

* The Duress. Most power cables break when they are tripped on or pulled too often. Be gentle with the cable and don't press too hard.

* The rodents. As you might expect, rodents, mice, rats, and even pet rabbits can have a negative effect on your laptop adaptor. Rodents love to nibble on long, vine-like things like power cables. They can cause damage to both the cable and their own health.

You cannot save your notebook charger against lawnmowers or children. You can either purchase PVC tubing to further insulate your notebook charger or keep it locked and sealed.