Introduction to Construction Law

We are talking about the basics of construction contract law. The first thing is that construction contract law is nothing of a special contract. Contract laws are all the same in business sectors. 

Contracts set out the rules for business deals, but why do we need rules. Let's take for example the game of chess, how would that work if it didn't have any rules. You wouldn't know what pieces to move when or where or how the game goes about. The entire thing just wouldn't work so similar to the rules of the game of chess, contracts set out the expectations of the parties and they tell you who, what and how will the people involved be paid and so on and so forth.

While determining who did what, that specific work is called scope so contracts are set out on scope in agreement, time, and price. You got these three things and you've got yourself a business deal. The contract itself is also subject to rules of interpretation part of the law of the land and that raises the question, what land is being referred to. Every land has a different law, English land, British land all have different laws. 

One also needs to consider business behaviors, customer practice, etc. To understand business deals in construction you have to understand what was in the agreements of the parties, got to understand the usual business practices in that area and you need to understand how the law of contract helps interpret the agreement.   

To learn more about Building Construction Law all you have to do is search on the internet.