How to Stop Regular and Lower Back Pain the Natural Way

Back Pain, what can we say! Over 90% of us in America suffer from it every day. Whether it is lower or regular, it always seems like every time we turn around our backs always let us know that something is out of whack.

We usually try to solve our situation by taking an aspirin. For more chronic and server pain like sciatica, we use what the doctor recommends, but there are also natural ways, in which you can get rid of your pain. Now before I do that, I will put out my disclaimer. If you are having any other symptoms in conjunction with back pain, you should see your doctor.

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So why do we have back pain anyway?

To not make this complicated I am going to give you a simple overview of how we get pain in our back without getting too technical. Basically, your spinal cord is separated by a round disk that surrounds the pulpy core that separates the spine vertebrate.

When pulpy material pushes against the root, the disk gets herniated and it causes you pain. Severe back pain like sciatica happens when that pulpy root pushes against the sciatic nerve which shoots pain down your leg. Some back pain also can be signs of other problems like kidney or bladder problems.