How To Purchase NATO Gas Masks?

NATO gas masks were first introduced to combat chemical weapons in the 1980s. But now, they're a must-have for any emergency situation. Gas masks are important in that they protect your airway and lungs from contamination, while also protecting non-vulnerable individuals from being affected by the gas.

If you're looking for a NATO gas mask, there are a few things to consider:

  1. A full face gas mask will protect your entire body from toxic gas, while a half-mask may be more appropriate if you only need protection from specific gasses. 

  2. A metric NATO size chart can help determine the size you need. 

  3. Some masks are made from rubber or plastic, while others are made from cloth and leather. 

  4. How comfortable is the mask? Some masks are very tight and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, while others are more comfortable. 

  5. Is there an eye protection option? Many masks come with an eyepiece that helps block out harmful particles in the air.

  6. Many masks are resistant to water damage, but some are not. 

  7. What other features does the mask have? Many masks come with filters that help reduce exposure to harmful particles in the air and straps that ensure it remains on your face during vigorous activity.

If you're ever in an emergency situation and need to protect yourself from harmful gas, be sure to have a NATO gas mask on hand. Purchasing a NATO gas mask is easy if you know where to find the best prices and how to shop for the right one.

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