How Can I Find The Root Cause Of A System Problem With SPI Devices?

Out test results show a repeated error while programming M95128-R EEPROMs. The EEPROMs are located on separate panels. To program these SPI devices, we use relays and the SPI Host Adapter. 

Our issue is we are having a repetitive, consistent failure. Everything runs smoothly and then shortly after an error occurs and one of the panels fails. In fact, despite the failures that repeatedly occur in our setup, we can program the panel EEPROMs separately with a different programming device. You can also get Flash Programmers for STMicroelectronics STM32, BlueNRG, and STM8 MCUs, and STM32MP1 MPUs.

Are there other tools and techniques to consider?

Response from Technical Support:

Thank you for your question! Based on the information provided, it may be a setup issue or the target device is not behaving correctly. There may be other causes for the results of your system actions. To obtain the necessary information to resolve your issue, we have recommendations to help you more deeply observe, monitor, and analyze the activity of your setup.

Recommendations to Successfully Analyze the Root Cause

There are various methods to obtain the details you need to understand and resolve the issue that has been occurring with your setup. One method involves reproducing your system in a more controlled environment. Another method is monitoring the traffic of your system – identifying the root cause by gathering and filtering real-time data.

Prototyping the System

We suggest using our I2C/SPI Activity Board for your scenario. This should help you create a prototype of the system and act as a tool for debugging a system against working slave devices. This approach can help differentiate between hardware and software bugs. The activity board is also useful for establishing a baseline for software commands and responses.