Hire The Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Services In Sydney

Expanded polystyrene has been used in a variety of packaging applications for more than 50 years. EPS, or styrofoam, as it is commonly known, is popular for its ease of printing, excellent insulating and protective properties, and has become a significant source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors of eps recycling agencies.

To date, there has been no easy way for manufacturers and distributors to dispose of their excess EPS or use EPS profitably. You can now collect your materials on a schedule or on request and recycle them on site.

The Foam Recycling extracts and compresses your homogeneous white EPS and then ships the material to manufacturers across the country who use this material in innovative ways. They maintain an EPS recycling plant that can use up large quantities of your material in the long run.

1. We pick up your EPS waste by truck on time or on request. If necessary, we can also find a trailer at your dock.

2. We take your material to our machining center, strategically located in Midsouth, to clean, grind and seal EPS.

3. Recycled EPS is provided as raw material to manufacturers who use it for house building materials, air freight pallets, packaging, etc.

4. Your company is guaranteed to implement ethical and environmentally friendly solutions to conserve the huge source of waste from landfills in the country.