Degradable Plastic Bags And Their Uses

Biodegradable plastic bags are manufactured from plastic that can be decomposed into their basic compounds in some time. In good conditions, this material may be degraded to carbon dioxide. This is a very useful technology to get many environmental benefits. 

Many plastic bag manufacturers worldwide use this technology to produce bags. Day after day, the products of these manufacturers replace paper, non-woven products clothing, etc. These products are widely used nowadays. Many people get these bags via CoPacknic so as to save their surroundings.

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People used to consider the paper as an alternative to plastic. However, the use of paper bags causes an environmental problem. Paper bags are heavier and they need more transport than plastic. They need more costs to produce and recycle. In addition, the papermaking creates more CO2 than the manufacture of plastics. 

Cutting down trees causes global warming, floods, drought, etc. Paper bags are easily decomposed in the water and cannot be widely utilized. Therefore, biodegradable plastic bags considered a perfect solution for replacing paper bags.

Degradable plastic bags are made from a biodegradable natural material, so using them is very safe and economical. They are also better than non-woven reusable. Nonwoven is non-degradable, it will be dangerous when left on the ground, in the water. 

Although degradable plastic bags are a solution for packaging these days, they take time to deteriorate. Therefore, the best recommendation is to reuse them for a few shopping trips or at least as trash bags. Reusing is necessary and very easy. They are very small and very light.