Chewing Gum And Graffiti Removal

In regards to commercial cleaning we often despair at the number of times, we must use a carpet cleaner to remove coffee stains from an office rug, or red wine spilled during a function. 

The main offenders of graffiti are anti-social, some people could argue that chewing gum is people simply being careless and dropping it, but you'd think differently once you've it in your foot and it adheres to the carpeting in your brand new vehicle. To know more you can search for graffiti removal via


Chewing gum removal isn't simple and on the road, it is frequently eliminated by councils using expert steam cleaners, as it simply won't come off by brushing or perhaps having a powered scrubbing machine.

You may not think it's such an issue but look down at the sidewalk in any city center the next time you're in town and you'll notice small black marks all over the sidewalk, all of which are because of chewing gum.

However, the great news is that if you're finding it an issue outside of offices your organization is cleaning, is that it is possible to purchase freeze sprays to remove chewing gum, which quite literally freezes the gum residue.

This then permits the gum to be eliminated simply and economically with a scraper. The chewing gum remover comes in a convenient spray that could easily be saved in an office cleaning cabinet, this prevents the usage, storage, and cost associated with a steam cleaner.