Basics of Choosing Air Grilles And Diffusers

Indoor air quality is very important for our health, comfort, and productivity in the office buildings as well as in our homes. If the airflow of your house or office hasn’t been designed carefully, it will have a much bigger effect than people might think.

An effective HVAC system needs to be made up of the correct components like air grilles and diffusers, etc. To know more about air grilles and diffusers quality, click (also known as “คุณภาพของตะแกรงอากาศและตัวกระจายอากาศคลิก” in the Thai language).

The right installment of grilles and diffusers plays an important role in getting indoor air quality to make a comfortable environment. Before using grilles and diffusers you should know the difference between them.

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The difference between Grilles and Diffusers:

  1. Grilles are used to supply or return air, coming usually in a fixed or adjustable blade format. Diffusers can spread air in more directions than just up or down (used by grilles).
  1. Grilles are generally installed in vertical surfaces such as walls or doors whereas Diffusers have a number of configurations that allow for multiple air pattern control.
  1. Grilles usually have vertical flow and Diffusers have horizontal flow as they commonly installed in ceilings.

There are various manufacturers that offer a range of grilles and diffusers with different designs. You can choose them to meet your air distribution requirements.